Advanced Clinical Management of Vestibular Dysfunction

September 24-25, 2016 Houston, TX

This course was developed and designed to expand the participant's knowledge of complex vestibular pathologies and improve clinical application skills to patients with vestibular dysfunction. In the recent 5 years, there has been significant advancement in technology, evidence, and overall knowledge of several vestibular pathologies. To further complicate matters, patients with vestibular dysfunction can be seen in any setting across the continuum of care. This evidence based course is designed for physical therapists and occupational therapists with at minimum intermediate clinical experience or exposure treating patients/clients with vestibular dysfunction who are looking to enhance their clinical skills focused in examination, differential diagnosis, and intervention. It is strongly recommended that basic and/or intermediate coursework has been taken in the area of vestibular rehabilitation prior to enrolling in this course. A case based format will be used to review clinical scenarios that a physical or occupational therapist may encounter. There will be lecture and lab sessions utilized. It is recommended that the participant also have some background in vestibular anatomy and physiology prior to attending this course. The following reference can be used: Khan S, Chang R. Anatomy of the vestibular system: a review. Neurorehabilitation. 2013;32:437-443. This course is an excellent preparation for the neurological clinical specialty (NCS) examination.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Incorporate concepts of anatomy and physiology of the peripheral and central vestibular system into describing the pathophysiology of various complex vestibular disorders.
  2. Reason through case studies that demonstrate accurate differential diagnosis which is based on eye motion analysis, tests of postural control, key aspects of the patients interview, and physical assessment.
  3. Interpret diagnostic vestibular function tests such as calorics, rotary chair, computerized dynamic posturography, and vestibular evoked myogenic potentials and describe how to implement them into a plan of care.
  4. Utilize the most recent advances in technology and evidence based practice to describe sound plan of care for patients with complex vestibular disorders.
  5. Perform and apply advanced clinical skills and knowledge to more effectively treat vestibular dysfunction.
Day One Day Two
7:30 AM-8:00 AM Registration 8:00-8:30 AM Pathophysiology of Select Vestibular Disorders: Anxiety Related Disorders
8:00 AM-8:30 AM Principles of Anatomy and Physiology of the Vestibular System 8:30 AM-9:15 AM Pathophysiology of Select Vestibular Disorders: Vestibular Migraine
8:30 AM-9:30 AM Eye Movement Analysis (Video and Matside) with Lab 9:15 AM-10:00 AM Pathophysiology of Select Vestibular Disorders: Central Dysfunction
9:30 AM-9:45 AM Break 10:00 AM-10:15 AM Break
9:45 AM-11:00 AM Vestibular Function Testing with Case Studies 10:15 AM-11:00 AM Pathophysiology of Select vestibular Disorders: Concussion
11:00 AM-12:00 PM Pathophysiology of Select Vestibular Disorder: Vestibular End Organs 11:30 AM-12:00 PM Examination Test and Measure Practice
12:00 PM-1:00 PM Lunch 12:00 PM-1:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM-2:00 PM Pathophysiology of Select Vestibular Disorders: Vestibular End Organs (continued) 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Advanced Intervention Application to Case Study Discussion
2:00 PM-3:00 PM Pathophysiology of Select vestibular Disorders: BPPV (typical and atypical) 2:00 PM-2:30 PM Question and Answer Review (Participants may bring cases)
3:00 PM-3:15 PM PM Break    
3:15 PM-5:15 PM Examination Test and Measures with Laboratory Practice for BPPV    
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