Amputee Mobility and Prosthetic Training

Our Amputee Mobility and Prosthetic Training Program consists of both Pre- and Post-Prosthetic Training for people with all levels of amputation (transmetatarsal, transtibial, transfemoral, etc.). We have conducted professional education courses and treated people suffering from limb loss for years and would love the opportunity to assist you wherever you may be in the rehabilitation process. We recognize the functional impact that can result after amputation; however, we educate both patients and professionals alike that when given the appropriate care and training it is possible for people to return to their hobbies, job, or even sport after amputation.

Our Amputee Mobility and Prosthetic Training Program is comprised of the following:

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  • Strength Training
    • With any limb loss there is decreased muscle tissue available; thus, increasing the strength demands on the rest of the body.
  • Cardiovascular Training
    • Any loss of limb can impact functional capacity and require increased energy in order to complete even the simplest of tasks.
  • Stretching/Mobility Training
    • With uneven muscle pull on the remaining limb, contracture and malalignment are often the cause of many gait deviations and pains in people post amputation.
  • Pre- and Post-Prosthetic Training
    • YOUR GOALS are at the foundation of our treatment plan, whether you need to work on transfers, walking, running, more, or all of the above. We will provide a creative and individualized plan of care.
    • Whether you are preparing for your prosthesis or need to learn how to use a new one, we can provide an individualized training program tailored to you, your level of amputation, and prosthesis.
    • We will work closely with your physician and prosthetist to ensure you receive comprehensive and interdisciplinary treatment.
  • Education

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We work closely with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists and prosthetists across the area to ensure our patients are receiving comprehensive care across the board of their entire medical team!

We strive to live on the cutting edge of amputee research and rehabilitation, please see the following link concerning the latest and greatest surgical options that are coming down the pipeline for patients post amputation in the US, see the following link:

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