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Tad Scott PT, DPT ... I had a nasty issue with plantar fasciitis before seeking Tad to help me relieve my pain. Immediately after my first PT session, I felt so good I took a brisk walk. It may seem blasé, but I had not been able to walk since before my double TKAs this year. So my problem stemmed to the latter part of 2015. I know I didn't want surgery, so I opted for PT.

Aside from ironing out my foot problem, he has helped me breakup scar tissue post TKA.

Tad is a very warm, caring person, ready to help one return to a happy place to be able to be active again.
December 21, 2016

Success Stories

"This is a heartfelt testimonial for the excellent work done by the professionals at AMPT Rehab.

My wife, Susan, and I have recently completed extensive PT sessions with Tad Scott and Michael Furtado. The therapy was focused on several complicated structural issues for each of us. Their understanding of the causes of specific aspects of the pan we had experienced and the limitations of our movement meant that they knew just how to remediate each issue. The treatment plans and the hands-on work with us were based on a finely-tuned diagnosis and assessment of what would address each issue. Tad and Michael were always very upbeat and encouraging, especially at the times when they were challenging us to do the more difficult work. Their sense of humor helped lighten up the sessions. We have each felt and seen the significant progress in our conditions as the result of their work with us. Beyond our own experience, we could see how solicitous hey were toward other patients with a wide range of conditions, including some extreme cases. We wholeheartedly recommend their clinic for any kind of patient and any need for physical therapy."

- Susan and Edward K.

"I assure you that there are no other physical therapists that I'd rather send my patients to. The guys at AMPT are well known in medical circles for excellent patient care and expert clinical skills. They are intelligent, thorough, and dedicated to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals. They genuinely care for your well-being, and pride themselves in improving your quality of life, and will work together with your doctor to provide you with the highest quality of care possible. I am confident that you will have a positive experience under their care and recommend them without reservation."

- Dr. Jason F., MD, September 2015

"For no apparent reason I developed severe vertigo one day having never suffered with it before. I woke up one morning and the room was spinning, I was very nauseous throwing up multiple time and terrified as I had never felt anything like it in my Life. I knew about Dr. Furtado and his experience on vestibular disorders from his presentations in physical therapy conferences and from conversations with colleagues. Dr. Furtado was kind enough to see me on an emergency appointment. Dr. Furtado conducted some testing and performed a skilled maneuver with my head to help solve the problem...I am so thankful for Dr. Furtado. He is very talented and knowledgeable and because of him I got my life back after 24 hours of debilitating illness. I recommend him to anyone suffering from vertigo, dizziness, or balance issues."

- Dr. Oriana G., PT September 2015

"The therapists at AMPT are great at thinking outside the box when the typical exercises don't work. They have helped me through all the stages of my rehabilitation and getting me back to my life after my car accident and subsequent amputation: Pre prosthetic training, prosthetic training and some running training. Thanks for everything guys!"

- Keri F., Patient, September 2015

"I am thrilled that I was referred to Tad for therapy following a concussion that left me with poor balance and dizziness. My husband, Ed, had similar balance problems and suffered from vertigo for a very long time, and previously had several therapy treatments for his vertigo without any relief. Once hearing that, Tad offered to see Ed as a patient as well during one of my treatment sessions, and so his doctor wrote a prescription for vestibular therapy, and the rest is history. After three sessions with Tad, both of us were rid of our vertigo, and it has not returned. Tad's genuine caring has added to his success and we whole heartedly endorse him both as a professional and as a person of character."

- Fay and Ed S., Patients, September 2015

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