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Welcome to AMPT Rehab

AMPT Rehab is located in Houston, Texas, in the Greater Heights neighborhood.

Mission: It is the mission of AMPT to provide persons with health and wellness or rehabilitation needs with a focused and tailored regimen offering the highest quality of individualized physical therapy services. Our physical therapists are dedicated and committed to lifelong learning to provide specialized and superior care. These services are also geared towards educating the public on how to improve their outcomes prior to or following a neurologic, orthopedic, or sports related injury regardless of economic and policy changes in health care. We will strive to be recognized for operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and superior patient outcomes.

Our Vision: AMPT’s vision is to be a leader in the provision of physical therapy by providing exceptional services that result in meaningful changes in a person’s function and satisfaction in their daily roles in society. We also strive to fulfill the vision of our profession: “transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience” (American Physical Therapy Association). We are committed to this vision as we aim to “advance movement with physical therapy – AMPT.”

Our Core Values: We are a team of physical therapists who value outcome-based treatment. We are committed to:

  • Customer satisfaction above all else.
  • Evidence based practice.
  • Providing innovative services and treatments.
  • Maintaining and upholding professional ethics with all of our patient interactions.
  • Administering professional, dependable, and trustworthy care.
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