Tai Chi

AMPT Rehab is offering Tai Chi classes, taught by Tai Chi specialist Huy X. HÔ from the River Spring Clinic, every Tuesday starting at 7:00 pm.

Cost per class is $15 for 1.5 hr session, or call AMPT at 281.816.7891 to find out how you can attend the class for FREE! Packaged discounts are also available for booking multiple classes.
$65 for 5 classes (use within 3 months) or $120 for 10 classes (use within 6 months)

Why should I choose Tai Chi?

Tai Chi promotes stability, and is a great complement to vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Tai Chi has been shown to improve the vestibular system which means IMPROVING your balance and DECREASING your risk for falls. To learn more about the health benefits of Tai Chi, please click and read Vestibular Disorders Association’s article, Improving Balance with Tai Chi.

Tai Chi helps restore balance in several different ways:

  • It helps reduce postural sway by optimizing the use of proprioception—sensory input received by the brain from touch sensors in the muscles and joints—in the balancing process.
  • It generally promotes a greater awareness of body and movement.
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