Are you “feeling” Tai Chi?

January 14, 2016

Over the last month I’ve had the opportunity to go outside my comfort zone, and try a little something new. For those that know me, they know I’m definitely not one that does that very often! But, I figured why not? I’m blogging now (I really don’t even know what that means), I have started my own private practice with two other guys, I just rejoined the social media CRAZE after being dormant for over a year (which was awesome by the way), so why not keep adding a little spice to the mix and start doing a little TAI CHI. So on the second week that the class had formally started in our practice, on Tuesday nights by the way, I told myself instead of sitting behind a mound of billing information WHY NOT go out and check it out for once. WOW! At the end of that hour and half session I felt absolutely incredible, and exhausted, along with finding out the fact that I am super uncoordinated, have no sense of balance, and my hands were all over the place. But WOW! The instructor, Tai Chi specialist Huy X. HÔ from the River Spring Clinic, was absolutely fantastic with his cueing throughout the entire session and gave great explanations to how and why we do each move. That’s why I think I’m hooked now. Yes, it was a great workout, and actually very calming, but it was more his words. Words that I don’t think about using with my clients when I’m working with them. Words such as “feel yourself pushing the water from side to side, or feel yourself squishing the float down into the water, or feel yourself get tall and elongate your neck, feel your chi pole (or something like that)”…feel…So, the next session I really focused on just that, the cueing to “feel” and it was unbelievable. When I felt off balance I listened for those words to “feel” and sure enough my body would find its sense a balance without any shifting around, and with very little movement. So I’ve done a couple of sessions now, and absolutely love it. I’ve started to even incorporate the very basic positions into some of my clients rehab sessions, with a focus on verbal cues using the word “feel” instead of “squeeze this” “shift that”, and my clients so far seem to really enjoy it usually stating they become more aware of what their body is doing—and yes most of them are clients with orthopedic impairments. I haven’t been able to attend all sessions because that mound of paperwork doesn’t seem to get smaller, but I am making it a priority this year to experience and learn more of this form of martial art.

I’m really excited about incorporating Tai Chi in our practice this year because AMPT Rehab specializes in Balance and Dizziness disorders, and Tai Chi is an incredible way to help improve and restore your balance. There are article all over the web in regards to Tai Chi and helping with balance, but a great read is an article from Vestibular Disorders Associations titled Improving Balance With Tai Chi.

For more information about the Tai Chi classes, or about our Dizziness and Balance Center visit our website at, or find us on Facebook.

Just remember, “feel” calm and ROCK on Houston!

Dr. Tad Scott PT, DPT
AMPT Owner/Clinical Manager

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